Sense of Self, Community, and Place

Students in Grade 5 begin to understand how one’s identity is shaped
by his/her interactions/relationships with others and the environment.
Through these relationships, understanding of self and others is
strengthened. In health education, the learners’ sense of self is supported
by learning about and from various worldviews and by working towards
mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.

Engaged Citizens

Students demonstrate confidence, courage, and commitment in shaping
positive change. In Elementary Level health education, students begin
to build a capacity for active involvement and an understanding of the
importance of healthy relationships with self, family, community, and
the environment. These capacities and connections contribute to the
sustainability of local and global communities. Students’ involvement in
making positive and informed decisions in health education broadens
their understanding of, and responsibility for, natural and constructed
environments and the health of communities.

Units for Grade 5 Health:

Unit 1: Healthy Eating

Unit 2: Healthy Relationships and Bullying

Unit 3: Diseases

Unit 4: Growing Up